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Establishment of the Section: Juridical, Economic and Social Applied Sciences at Jesi's Headquarters


The Rector’s Decree No. 188 of 21 May 2015 established the Section JURIDICAL, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL APPLIED SCIENCES at Jesi's Headquarters.

The Section has the aim of making the Jesi’s Headquarters of the Department of Law a centre qualified by the integration between research and didactic activities. To this purpose, the Section intends to favour the planning and/or the coordination of some of the scientific activities of its members in a twofold perspective: the impacts on the local area (on the regional area and more specifically on the Jesi’s area) on the one hand, the support to the development of innovative didactic forms on the other.

This layout characterised already the Department of Juridical and Economic Sciences and the Section wishes to give it continuity and development, both gathering experiences or hints for reflection and research activities already surfaced in the work of previous years, and verifying their extension to new themes.

The layout is moreover particularly suitable to the specificity of Jesi’s Headquarters, allowing the combination of three different needs: visibility of the University institution, relevant for those who support and finance it; organisational flexibility and simplicity of the activities, required by the duties at the University of Macerata of many of its members; care and support for the stabilisation of the forms of integrated didactic activities which have been experimented in the previous academic years.