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Public Engagement Initiatives


Public Engagement includes all those "activities organized institutionally by the university or by its non-profit structures with educational, cultural and social development value and addressed toward a non-specialist audience" (Anvur, 2018). These kind of activities include the organization of events for the general audience, participation in television broadcasts, the opening and management of museums, the involvement of schools in institutional activities, etc.

In 2017, Italian Universities and Research Institutions established APEnet, the Italian Network for Public Engagement.

The first workshop 'Destination Public Engagement' - organized in Turin on 10 and 11 December 2015 by the Agorà Scienza Interuniversity Center, saw the participation of 100 delegates from 28 universities and research centers throughout Italy and ended up with the proposal to create a Network of Universities and Research Institutions for the Public Engagement.

The main purpose of APEnet is to disseminate, promote and enhance the culture and experiences of Public Engagement.

More information concerning this network can be found at: