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Workshops and Research Centres

Following the establishment of new Research Centres and on the basis of the survey  conducted in order to optimize the nestling of Research Centres, Workshops and similar structures within either the Department of Law or the University of Macerata (inter-departmental Centre) or within two or more universities (inter-university Centre) according to deliberation by the Board of the Law Department of 12 September 2012 and 11 April 2013, the following centres and workshops, which have a relevant educational and/or scientific interest, are active at departmental, interdepartmental and interuniversity level

Departmental Centres
- European documentation centre (C.D.E.);

- Centre for study and research on juvenile justice;

- Centre of studies on institutions and society;

- University Center for Adriatic-Ionian Maritime Studies and Trans-European Transport (CUSMAT)

- Workshop of forensic toxicological chemistry and medicine.

Interdepartmental Centres:

- China Centre;

- Centre for Constitutional Studies;

- Centre of Studies and documents on the history of the University of  Macerata;

- Centre for research on Africa;

- Centre for Italian-American Studies (Statute and List of Members)

- Workshop of agricultural, environmental and food policies "Ghino Valenti" (under inter-departmental rearrangement).

Interuniversity Centres:
- Centre for legal studies for the rights of consumers (University of Perugia).