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Solidarity is one of the EU’s core values. Some people, organisations and sectors are more affected than others. One sector gravely affected is the cultural sector, with concerts cancelled, theatres, museums and cinemas closed and film and television production halted. This is why EU measures supporting the culture sector, from independent creators to small and medium-sized businesses are necessary. Thanks to the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative, businesses across the EU can be supported through structural funds.

We discussed it with Sabine Verheyen, chair of Parliament ‘s culture committee, to learn more about EU measures supporting the creative industry during the Covid-19 crisis.

The European Parliament believes that cinema is an ideal platform to discuss and reflect on Europe and its future. That’s why the Parliament is showcasing European cinema through the LUX Film Prize. The films nominated for the Lux Film Prize all raise awareness about some of today’s main social and political issues. Find out here where you can watch the films that were competing for the LUX Film Prize since 2007 online.

In addition, the European Commission has launched the social media campaign “Creative Europe”, inviting artists to share their art on social media by using the hashtag #CreativeEuropeAtHome. Through the hashtag, you can enjoy great cultural activities from across Europe while staying at home.

Do you know about people around us that go the extra mile in this time of crisis? Reply to us and share your story. You can also tag us on social media and use the hashtag #EuropeansAgainstCovid19.