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The Libraries of the Department of Law, like all the other library facilities of the University of Macerata, are part  of the University Library System (Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo - SBA) established by DR n. 1231 of 4 November 2004, with the purpose  of  providing integrated and homogenous services of high level to academic users. Within this new layout, libraries have maintained, however,  their own disciplinary  peculiarities, management autonomy and specific opening hours.

With regard to the services and timetables related to the COVID-19 emergency, phase 3, please refer to the link:


The Libraries of the  Department of Law are located in different buildings and precisely:

  • Central Building Piaggia dell’Università 2 - 62100 Macerata: Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-19
    - Law Library (including the libraries of Italian and comparative private and  labour law, Civil procedure, Roman law, History, Philosophy of law and Ecclesiastical law, and the Library of Law Periodicals “Emeroteca giuridica” )
  • Building Via Garibaldi, 20 - 62100 Macerata: Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-13 Tuesday, Thursday 14:30-17:30
    - Library of criminal law and procedure
    - Library of Historical Studies
  • Building Via Don Minzoni, 9 - 62100 Macerata:  Opening hours: Wed 9-13
    - Library of the Workshop of Forensic, toxicological Chemistry and Medicine

For further information please visit  the website of the University Library System
For bibliographic search please go to the following websites:
OPAC Online catalogue
Digital Library

The Department Libraries preserve the following relevant collections:

Library of Law Periodicals “Emeroteca giuridica”

The Library of Law Periodicals is a project under construction  aiming at building,  in the former locations of the Central Library of Law, a periodical library able to gather current and extinguished collections of periodicals, belonging to the law libraries of the Department, so that they may be directly consulted in extended and continued timetable running from 9 am to 5 pm for students, and from 9 am to 8 pm for researchers.
The current reading room, located in the former Central Library, address Piaggia dell’Università 2, has the capacity of n .140 seats. The upstairs floor with balcony, designed as private study space, is reserved for researchers.
The area of the former printing centre, on the ground floor, has been properly equipped as library storage space, and refurbished with compact shelving measuring 770 linear metres, with a holding capacity of about 20,000 volumes.
The reading room will be provided with IT points connected to the University electronic catalogue (OPAC ) and with self- service copying machine working with prepaid card .

Library of Historical Studies

Marsili Feliciangeli Collection
Part of the collection, kept in the former Institute of historical studies, contains mainly ancient monographs published between the Sixteenth and Eighteenth centuries. It mostly regards legal works selected by the owners for  specific educational and professional needs.

Mario Sbriccoli Collection
(about 10,000 volumes). About 600 volumes of the collection refer to sources of ius commune (1400-1789) with a prevalence of volumes dedicated to criminal law and to the doctrine of criminalists. About 3,200 volumes contain the works of jurists published in the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries also with a strong focus on criminal law. The remaining volumes, published primarily in the second half of 1900, deal with legal history, law, philosophy and social sciences. There is also a large number of periodicals concerning historical- juridical matters. In 2011 the huge ancient collection was properly placed in a renovated room that allows scholars and students an easier and more appropriate access to the Collection.

Library of excellence of Antoine Barnave Workshop
(about 8400 volumes). The collection has volumes referring to the constitutional history of the XVII- XX centuries: they include interesting treatises, books, legislative bills and acts , pamphlets published in Europe and America and related to the government science, to reflections on public powers,  to relations between government/subjects-citizens, local autonomies. The Barnave library keeps original editions of rare texts, difficult to find  in other Italian cities and now hardly available even in Paris: it is here sufficient to mention, among them all, the complete collection of  the "Moniteur universel " from the Revolution to the advent to the throne of Louis Philippe of Orléans (1789-1830) .

Library of Roman law

Orestano Collection
(about 2630 volumes and 8054 extracts ). The collection contains  legal books, including a valuable gathering of extracts; a considerable part of the volumes is related to the sources of ius commune.

Raggi Collection
(approximately 1,321 volumes and 818 extracts ). The Luigi Raggi library reflects probably one of the most significant aspects of the personality of its owner, who didn’t ignore any cultural experience: together with books regarding specifically the Roman Law, there are books about poetry, music, literature, history of art; and, moreover, essays on the latest and most recent currents of modern thought, including  logics, structuralism,  linguistics.

Library of History, Philosophy of Law, Ecclesiastical Law

D’Avack Collection

(about 2170 volumes) . The collection includes volumes concerning theology, ecclesiastical and canon law.
Several volumes  date back to 1500, 1600 and 1700. There are folders with miscellaneous publications and extracts regarding topics on  theology, ecclesiastical and canon law which were only partly electronically catalogued.

Library of Italian and comparative private and labour law

Recchi Collection

(563 volumes). The volumes  of the Recchi Collection have mostly a monographic character  and are interesting for  agricultural law, referring in particular to the last century; they enhance and complete  the rich section of agricultural law located in the Library of Italian and comparative private and labour law.

Library of Legal Medicine and Insurance

Attilio Ascarelli Collection
(322 volumes and a variety of documentary materials). The books deal with criminology, forensic medicine and toxicology while the documentary material available is that collected during the work of exhumation and identification of victims of the Fosse Ardeatine, which also includes some relevant documents found by  Ascarelli in the victims’ clothes.